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Our tools will help you streamline projects, find investment opportunities, and become an active member of the carbon market faster and easier than ever before. Your decarbonization journey starts today.


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Grain empowers project developers to benefit from the Voluntary Carbon Market and access financing for project activities. Using our digital platform, you will:

  1. Check

    (Grain Ecosystem)

    Quickly check if your project is eligible for carbon offsets

  2. Quantify
    carbon removal

    (Grain Ecosystem)

    Easily evaluate your cradle-to-grave carbon impact

  3. Calculate

    (Grain Ecosystem)

    Assess your project’s profitability, including costs and revenues.

  4. Find

    (Grain Ecosystem)

    Generate reports automatically and get access to investors.

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About Biochar

About Grain

We created Grain to address global warming and accelerate decarbonization. We exist to unlock the supply of impactful carbon credits.

Our platform streamlines the long, complex, and expensive certification process and the network of actors provides fuel for market growth.

Grain Ecosystem is a new venture incubated at Greentown Labs, funded by Schneider Electric, and accelerated by the Cleantech Open Northeast and Microsoft Founders Hub.


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